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23/June/2022: Over 8 million families in the UK getting new cost of living payment
23/June/2022: 100 days left: old Bank of England paper notes no longer have legal status

21/June/2022: Consumer price inflation, UK: May 2022
21/June/2022: Producer price inflation, UK: May 2022
21/June/2022: Inflation and the cost of living for UK households, overview: June 2022

17/June/2022: New fund opens to accelerate tree planting
17/June/2022: Electric motorbikes and off-road trucks to unlock growth and jobs

16/June/2022: UK commits to reform of the Consumer Credit Act
16/June/2022: New deal for private renters published today
16/June/2022: The cost of living, current and upcoming work: June 2022

15/June/2022: Government funding boost for life-changing technologies
15/June/2022: Government takes action against deadly synthetic opioids
15/June/2022: Eligible pensioners urged to claim Pension Credit to help with cost of living
15/June/2022: Millions to start receiving their £650 cost of living payments from next month

13/June/2022: Government continues its plans for nature recovery in our seas
13/June/2022: Tech & innovation drive to boost food production & back British farmers

11/June/2022: Student loan interest rates capped
11/June/2022: More healthcare professionals given powers to certify fit notes

10/June/2022: UKHSA issues self-isolation guidance for people with monkeypox infection

08/June/2022: £3.6bn to help: construct hospitals, electric railways and offshore wind...
08/June/2022: Biggest shake-up in health and social care leadership in a generation

06/June/2022: Cruel trade in ivory to be illegal from today....

03/June/2022: Energy price cap expected to hit nearly £2,600 this winter
03/June/2022: OFGEM: Energy advice for households
03/June/2022: Tracking the price of the lowest-cost grocery items, UK: Analysis

02/June/2022: Monkeypox outbreak: epidemiological update

31/May/2022: Millions invested to help people facing eviction or repossession

39/May/2022: COP President: push for meaningful climate action ahead of COP27
30/May/2022: 5,000 public buildings plugged into high-speed broadband

28/May/2022: Monkeypox cases confirmed in England – latest updates
28/May/2022: Clinical trials deal struck to better protect world from future pandemics

27/May/2022: Barking & Dagenham Council Tax Rebate: Who qualifies for the £150 rebate?
27/May/2022: Further action taken to improve supply of HRT
27/May/2022: Hundreds of youth groups across the country to benefit from £380 million...
27/May/2022: How do I get my £400 energy support grant on the U.K.?

26/May/2022: Increasing UK–Kenya trade and investment in the horticulture sector
26/May/2022: Government launches taskforce to boost women starting fast-growing companies
26/May/2022: Five landmark nature recovery projects launched to protect wildlife
26/May/2022: Producer price inflation, UK: April 2022

25/May/2022: Policy paper British energy security strategy 7 April 2022
25/May/2022: Britain Faces Another Energy Shock as Bills Set to Surge 42%
25/May/2022: Quick off the spark: electric vehicle sales continue to soar in green revolution
25/May/2022: New plans to slash red tape from 5G roll out & improve mobile phone connectivity
25/May/2022: Next step in plans for gigabit broadband in new-build homes
25/May/2022: Genetic Technology Bill: enabling innovation to boost food security
25/May/2022: A free & independent press are vital to countering disinformation & propaganda

24/May/2022: Ditching costly gas and oil is cheaper thanks to heat pump scheme
24/May/2022: Technology is changing how we monitor, understand & respond to conflict
24/May/2022: Prime Minister hails infrastructure investment to unlock growth & boost jobs
24/May/2022: Net zero in maritime underway as UK confirms £12 million....

23/May/2022: Consumer price inflation, UK: April 2022
23/May/2022: Fundamental shift in children’s social care set out
23/May/2022: Self-driving buses, shuttles and delivery vans could soon hit UK roads
23/May/2022: Public building upgrades to save taxpayers £650 million per year

21/May/2022: G7 health ministers unite to protect world from another pandemic
21/May/2022: Garden communities set to flourish across England

20/May/2022: UK kicks off talks on modern trade deal with Mexico
20/May/2022: £300 million to cut youth crime and make streets safer

19/May/2022: New powers to protect access to cash
19/May/2022: New benefit counter-fraud plan set to save taxpayer £2 billion
19/May/2022: 1,500 new probation officers to protect the public

17/May/2022: Proposed legal change to support medical licensing applications
17/May/2022: Delivering the water quality we all want to see
17/May/2022: Cabinet drive to make streets safer: 17 May 2022

16/May/2022: Home Secretary backs police to increase stop and search

15/May/2022: New prescription charge freeze to help ease cost of living
15/May/2022: Action Plan on COVID-19 - G7 Foreign Ministers, May 2022

14/May/2022: Almost 80% of eligible over-75s receive spring booster
14/May/2022: New internet phishing alert: Legal Department/Bona Vacantia Division
14/May/2022: Healthy, cost-effective travel for millions as walking and cycling

13/May/2022: State-of-the-art tree health laboratory opens to help protect UK forests
13/May/2022: partnership between the US and UK to launch new era of spaceflight
13/May/2022: Fund to secure our energy supply and boost cutting-edge nuclear projects

12/May/2022: £200 million boost to rollout of hundreds more zero-emission HGVs
12/May/2022: Press release: 194 new Jobcentres open
12/May/2022: New Schools Bill to boost education standards across the country

11/May/2022: How the government is supporting workers
11/May/2022: UK and Egypt: 40+ countries to drive implementation of climate commitments
11/May/2022: NET ZERO PROGRAMME: Looking beyond carbon emissions
11/May/2022: New Bill to enable implementation of Australia and New Zealand trade deals
11/May/2022: Increased funding for nursing in care homes
11/May/2022: Trade deal with Australia helps Northern Ireland manufacturers

09/May/2022: Prime Minister to give local leaders power to breathe new life into high streets
09/May/2022: new laws to level up education opportunity so no child is left behind
09/May/2022: Warm Home Discount expanded to help 280,000 Scottish households

08/May/2022: Faster information for victims of domestic abuse

07/May/2022: Export package launched to promote world-class UK seafood overseas

06/May/2022: Guidance: COVID-19 Response: Living with COVID-19
06/May/2022: SARS-CoV-2 variants of public health interest
06/May/2022: Health Secretary meets with HRT suppliers to resolve supply issues

05/May/2022: Chief Vet urges bird keepers to maintain scrupulous biosecurity standards
05/May/2022: Providing support for people to claim Universal Credit: supplier event
05/May/2022: Tougher consumer protections against malicious apps

30/Apr/2022: New trial to banish loud engines and exhausts on Britain’s noisiest streets

29/Apr/2022: Consumer price inflation, UK: March 2022

28/Apr/2022: Borders Act to overhaul asylum system becomes law
28/Apr/2022: New approach to import controls to help ease cost of living
28/Apr/2022: UK kickstarts work on new trade deal with Switzerland

27/Apr/2022: 2.1 million annual tax credits packs to be issued
27/Apr/2022: Ensuring the full human rights of all women and girls are respected
27/Apr/2022: British Sign Language Bill set to clear final stage before becoming law
27/Apr/2022: New ‘fraud squad’ will crack down on criminals who steal taxpayer money

25/Apr/2022: Bird keepers urged to maintain scrupulous biosecurity standards
25/Apr/2022: Managed move of claimants to Universal Credit set to restart
25/Apr/2022: Motorists to avoid annual EU price hike thanks to Brexit powers

23/Apr/2022: Commission proposes to extend the EU Digital COVID Certificate by 1 year
23/Apr/2022: EU COVID Certificate: the global vaccine passport
23/Apr/2022: Government aims to eradicate modern slavery from NHS supply chains

22/Apr/2022: Future homebuyers to be freed from expensive ground rent bills on 30 June

21/Apr/2022: Get finance flowing for greater climate action - COP President
21/Apr/2022: UK to lead the way in climate and sustainability education

20/Apr/2022: New pilot requirement for tree suppliers announced to strengthen UK biosecurity
20/Apr/2022: How government is supporting online consumers
20/Apr/2022: DBS works with Skills for Care to support safer recruitment
20/Apr/2022: Planes running on batteries and hydrogen to become a reality.....
20/Apr/2022: Apply for a lump sum payment to leave or retire from farming
20/Apr/2022: Covid Pass Delivery Partner: Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)
20/Apr/2022: Updates: The Highway Code 2022: 25 March 2022 updated
20/Apr/2022: The Highway Code: 8 changes you need to know from 29 January 2022
20/Apr/2022: Ties with major Asian economy boosted through new agreement
20/Apr/2022: New rules to protect consumers’ hard-earned cash
20/Apr/2022: Britain moves closer to a self-driving revolution

17/Apr/2022: New internet laws return to Parliament for second reading this week

14/Apr/2022: Finding and choosing a private coronavirus (COVID-19) test provider
14/Apr/2022: Living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID-19
14/Apr/2022: Valneva COVID-19 vaccine approved by MHRA

13/Apr/2022: Harsher sentences introduced for ‘spiking’ drugs
13/Apr/2022: £20 million to improve roadside facilities for HGV drivers
13/Apr/2022: Multiplying maths skills for adults
13/Apr/2022: Government uses Brexit freedoms to protect our seas

12/Apr/2022: Thousands more patients to access second ground-breaking antiviral
12/Apr/2022: Government pledges £7.6 million for rail innovation

11/Apr/2022: Government announces new crackdown on fly-tipping

08/Apr/2022: Ramadan fasting times 2022: UK timetable in full
08/Apr/2022: Government unveils investment for energy technologies of the future

07/Apr/2022: Energy efficiency: what you need to know
07/Apr/2022: Consultation launched on replacing the outdated Vagrancy Act
07/Apr/2022: Increase in hepatitis cases in children under investigation
07/Apr/2022: Nuclear energy: What you need to know
07/Apr/2022: Britain’s plan for greater energy independence

06/Apr/2022: New measures to restrict access to corrosives and knives
06/Apr/2022: Compare Energy Prices & Switch Suppliers Today
06/Apr/2022: Government energy relief measures: your questions answered
06/Apr/2022: Health and Social Care Levy to raise billions for NHS and social care
06/Apr/2022: New calorie labelling rules come into force to improve nation’s health
06/Apr/2022: Tax cut worth up to £1,000 for half a million small businesses starts today

05/Apr/2022: 20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core
05/Apr/2022: Welsh Secretary Visits USA to Boost Trade and Investment
05/Apr/2022: £500 million to develop the adult social care workforce

04/Apr/2022: UK shoppers head to Aldi and Lidl amid cost of living squeeze
04/Apr/2022: 36 supermarket value-range food products that have gone up in price recently
04/Apr/2022: German retailer Aldi Nord to raise prices by 20-50% on Monday
04/Apr/2022: Window for climate action closing fast
04/Apr/2022: Government sets out plan to make UK a global cryptoasset technology hub
04/Apr/2022: Cheaper and better buses in £7 billion package to level up transport outside London
04/Apr/2022: First £22 million MINERVA satellite supports 100 UK jobs
04/Apr/2022: Alcohol tags helping thousands of offenders stay sober
04/Apr/2022: UK Hydrogen Export Capability Guide
04/Apr/2022: Fast-tracked access to benefits extended to more people nearing end of life
04/Apr/2022: Eligible pensioners urged to apply for Pension Credit in new campaign

03/Apr/2022: Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Proposed Rules
03/Apr/2022: New diagnostic centres deliver nearly three quarters of a million tests
03/Apr/2022: New review launched into Vitamin D intake to help tackle health disparities
03/Apr/2022: Help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)
03/Apr/2022: Reducing the spread of respiratory infections in the workplace

02/Apr/2022: Infants, children and families to benefit from boost in support
02/Apr/2022: New guidance sets out how to live safely with COVID-19
02/Apr/2022: Energy Bills Support Scheme explainer

01/Apr/2022: New housing services for thousands of UK military families come into force
01/Apr/2022: Changes to the training you need for an SIA licence
01/Apr/2022: Pay boost for millions as National Minimum and Living Wage rates go up
01/Apr/2022: Prescription charge waiver for COVID-19 antivirals and therapeutic clinical trials
01/Apr/2022: Chilean market opens to UK pork exports
01/Apr/2022: Household Support Fund doubled to help most vulnerable tackle cost of living
01/Apr/2022: The Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2022

31/Mar/2022: What Is An NFT? Non-Fungible Tokens Explained
31/Mar/2022: Survey Finds 24% of UK Adults Are Prepared to Invest in Tokens in 2022
31/Mar/2022: How to Buy Cryptocurrency UK – With Low Fees
31/Mar/2022: DHSC: excess personal protective equipment (PPE) for sale
31/Mar/2022: More vital support given to over 300 cultural organisations
31/Mar/2022: Australian investors commit £28.5bn in major economic boost for UK
31/Mar/2022: Defence publishes its Zero Tolerance approach to sexual offences

30/Mar/2022: Net Zero ambitions move a step closer in Wales
30/Mar/2022: Gay & bisexual men & those aged 15 & over to receive 2 doses of HPV vaccine
30/Mar/2022: Changes to COVID-19 testing in England from 1 April
30/Mar/2022: Eustice: supporting farmers ahead of the coming growing season
30/Mar/2022: UK pledges £286 million of lifesaving aid for Afghanistan
30/Mar/2022: UK backs Africa’s ambitious continental free trade initiative
30/Mar/2022: Government sets out next steps for living with COVID

29/Mar/2022: Thousands of families can receive help with Easter childcare costs

28/Mar/2022: Setting an end date for the sale of new non-zero emission buses
28/Mar/2022: UK announces £5 million funding to expand the Met Office’s Weather
28/Mar/2022: Less than one week to go for MTD ( Making Tax Digital )
28/Mar/2022: April 2022: temporary insolvency measures are ending
28/Mar/2022: New fusion energy recruitment framework to boost economy
28/Mar/2022: New digital playbook to cut costs and support job growth

27/Mar/2022: (JCVI) statement on COVID-19 vaccinations in 2022
27/Mar/2022: Who is eligible for the 4th booster jab? : Spring Covid vaccine NHS

26/Mar/2022: Check who’s taken over your energy supply
26/Mar/2022: UK on track to reach 4,000 zero emission bus pledge with £200 million boost
26/Mar/2022: England’s largest ever seagrass planting hits new milestone
26/Mar/2022: COVID-19 variants identified in the UK

25/Mar/2022: Zero tolerance for phone use behind the wheel as law changes today
25/Mar/2022: Tenfold expansion in chargepoints by 2030 as government drives EV revolution
25/Mar/2022: Care providers to receive fairer costs for providing care

24/Mar/2022: New law to resolve remaining COVID-19 commercial rent debts now in place
24/Mar/2022: UK launches negotiations with Canada on a new, modernised trade deal
24/Mar/2022: Importing and exporting goods between Great Britain and the EU
24/Mar/2022: One week left to pay your Self Assessment tax bill
24/Mar/2022: HMRC calls on businesses: Get ready to move to customs IT platform over
24/Mar/2022: UK inflation hits 30-year high of 6.2%
24/Mar/2022: International collaboration on AI and data governance
24/Mar/2022: Fuel duty to be cut by 5p a litre for a year
24/Mar/2022: Universal Credit 2022: Will it go up in April

23/Mar/2022: New pilot schemes to support migrants at risk of detention
23/Mar/2022: Chancellor announces tax cuts to support families with cost of living
23/Mar/2022: All schools to have high speed internet by 2025
23/Mar/2022: UK House Price Index for January 2022
23/Mar/2022: New system for connected and autonomous plant at Futureworx event
23/Mar/2022: In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March

22/Mar/2022: Reforms to pet microchipping regulations in England set out
22/Mar/2022: Flood hydrology: 25-year vision to help predict and manage flood risk
22/Mar/2022: Post Office card accounts: switch now, says HMRC
22/Mar/2022: New body to make UK world-leading centre for telecoms innovation
22/Mar/2022: UK donates 3.7 million medical items to Ukraine

21/Mar/2022: North Sea Transition Deal cuts emissions as clean energy transition continues
21/Mar/2022: Rishi Sunak set to draw up plans to cut fuel duty
21/Mar/2022: UK Fuel Excise Duty rates – March 2011 to March 2022
21/Mar/2022: Immediate benefit support for those fleeing the invasion in Ukraine

20/Mar/2022: 5,000,000 on list for fourth Covid jab as booster drive starts again

19/Mar/2022: UK donates two million medical items to Ukraine

18/Mar/2022: How your pensions can help tackle climate change
18/Mar/2022: Russian invasion of Ukraine: UK government response
18/Mar/2022: Extra £150 million to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour
18/Mar/2022: Do I have to wear a face mask on a plane?
18/Mar/2022: Call for businesses to share experiences of supporting LGBT staff
18/Mar/2022: Thousands more leaseholders freed from rising ground rents
18/Mar/2022: UK-wide to accelerate genomic research and drive innovation in healthcare

17/Mar/2022: How do I use the Payment Exception Card?: DWP benefit or pension payment
17/Mar/2022: Payment Exception Service: a way to collect your DWP benefit or pension payment
17/Mar/2022: Government to improve protections for people deprived of their liberty
17/Mar/2022: Fee changes for DBS checks will be introduced from 6 April 2022
17/Mar/2022: 13,000 homes to be protected from floods thanks to new tidal barrier
17/Mar/2022: Government launches landmark Inclusive Britain strategy
17/Mar/2022: World-leading measures to protect children from accessing pornography online
17/Mar/2022: World-first online safety laws introduced in Parliament
17/Mar/2022: Government clampdown on the abuse of British courts to protect free speech
17/Mar/2022: UK house prices keep on rising despite squeezed budgets: RICS

16/Mar/2022: Council Tax information letter: frequently asked questions
16/Mar/2022: Environment Act: new targets & ambitious plans for nature recovery
16/Mar/2022: Three major changes that may affect your energy bills
16/Mar/2022: The English Cities Fund to develop 6,600 more homes.....
16/Mar/2022: UK & US launch transatlantic dialogues to boost £200bn trade relationship
16/Mar/2022: Full list of HSBC bank branches closing in the UK

15/Mar/2022: New measures to tackle corrupt elites and dirty money become law
15/Mar/2022: Businesses to benefit from extension to plug-in van and truck grants
15/Mar/2022: Scammers targeting Self Assessment customers, HMRC warns
15/Mar/2022: Outdoor civil weddings and civil partnerships made permanent

14/Mar/2022: All COVID-19 travel restrictions removed in the UK
14/Mar/2022: Children to benefit from changes to Child Maintenance Service
14/Mar/2022: Government announces plans for largest ever R&D budget
14/Mar/2022: CMA publishes environmental sustainability advice to government

13/Mar/2022: ‘Cyberflashing’ to become a criminal offence
13/Mar/2022: Fuel prices hit record high in UK

12/Mar/2022: £48 million to safeguard nation’s critical cultural heritage
12/Mar/2022: Biometrics & Surveillance Camera Commissioner speech at NPCC CCTV Conference
12/Mar/2022: Health & social care leaders unite to improve public involvement in research
12/Mar/2022: One million tutoring courses delivered to help children catch up

11/Mar/2022: Local Authority Treescapes Fund and the Urban Tree Challenge Fund

10/Mar/2022: UK maritime turbocharged with new exports: £4 billion shipbuilding strategy
10/Mar/2022: Pensions, People, Planet: Saving for the future to save the future
10/Mar/2022: DfT launches UK SHORE to take maritime ‘back to the future’ with green investment
10/Mar/2022: Monthly results for the REACT-1 study of coronavirus transmission
10/Mar/2022: COVID-19 prevalence continues to decline across England but infection rates remain high
10/Mar/2022: Government backs innovative businesses with new £150 million loan scheme

09/Mar/2022: DWP on behalf of DfC are issuing final letters to Post Office card account users
09/Mar/2022: Department for Work and Pensions: Important changes to your Post Office card account
09/Mar/2022: £11.6m boost for local authorities to tackle air pollution
09/Mar/2022: Changes to Environment Agency’s abstraction charges to safeguard water supplies
09/Mar/2022: Major law changes to protect people from scam adverts online

08/Mar/2022: CMA unlocks electric vehicle charging competition for motorway drivers

07/Mar/2022: A roundup of the latest data and analysis on the UK economy
07/Mar/2022: New laws to end mobile coverage ‘no bar blues’
07/Mar/2022: Government over halfway to delivering 50,000 more nurses by 2024

05/Mar/2022: Cyber Aware is the government’s advice on how to stay secure online
05/Mar/2022: Protecting our planet and being prepared for the future
05/Mar/2022: New fishing licences unveiled by the Environment Agency

04/Mar/2022: Guaranteed Minimum Pension
04/Mar/2022: Britain’s first ‘smart’ prison to drive down crime
04/Mar/2022: £288 million fund opens for green heating projects

03/Mar/2022: PM appoints new Trade Envoys to boost trade and investment
03/Mar/2022: Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner speech at the National ANPR
03/Mar/2022: 40th Universal Periodic Review of human rights: UK closing statement
03/Mar/2022: HMRC customers have one month left to switch their Post Office card account
03/Mar/2022: Multi-million pound boost for new families as adoptions increase
03/Mar/2022: New DVLA campaign highlights the risks for drivers who evade vehicle tax

02/Mar/2022: £260 million to boost healthcare research and manufacturing
02/Mar/2022: Over half a million trees set to be planted in our towns, cities and countryside
02/Mar/2022: Regulations making COVID-19 vaccination a condition of deployment to end
02/Mar/2022: UK to launch phone emergency alerts for ‘danger to life’ later this year

01/Mar/2022: Train fares to rise by 3.8% in England and Wales: Average 4.8% in London
01/Mar/2022: Rishi Sunak reveals how he’s going to soften blow of rising energy prices
01/Mar/2022: Living costs: Seven things that are going to get more expensive for you

28/Feb/2022: UK and New Zealand sign comprehensive trade deal
28/Feb/2022: What is happening with the anti-refugee Borders Bill?
28/Feb/2022: Nationality and Borders Bill, introduced in the House of Commons on 6 July 2021
28/Feb/2022: UK engineering firm powers wind farms and jobs with government support
28/Feb/2022: Millions of people with rare diseases to benefit from faster diagnosis

25/Feb/2022: UK government to assess whether Online Sales Tax could address tax imbalance
25/Feb/2022: New divorce laws will come into force from 6 April 2022
25/Feb/2022: New plans to protect people from anonymous trolls online
25/Feb/2022: What’s coming for electric vehicle charging in 2022?
25/Feb/2022: A guide on how much it costs to charge an electric car in the UK at home
25/Feb/2022: Energy price cap: electric car home charging costs to rise by £200

24/Feb/2022: Consumer price: UK inflation heading for 6% or more in April
24/Feb/2022: Annual inflation rate in the UK edged higher to 5.5% in January of 2022

23/Feb/2022: Scotland Nicola Sturgeon urged to axe vaccine passports in new strategy
23/Feb/2022: EU to scrap Covid test travel rules for fully vaccinated by Easter
23/Feb/2022: Your food and energy prices will rise, because of Ukraine crisis
23/Feb/2022: Price of a pint in London on track to go over £10 within a few years
23/Feb/2022: Price of fish and chips to go above £10 for first time

22/Feb/2022: Scotland Covid restrictions: Face mask rules & vaccine passports to end
22/Feb/2022: Consumer price inflation, UK: January 2022

21/Feb/2022: COVID restrictions will be scrapped on Thurs & free Covid testing to end in April
21/Feb/2022: PM statement at Covid press conference: 21 February 2022

19/Feb/2022: Prime Minister to set out plan for living with Covid

18/Feb/2022: Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing before you travel to England
18/Feb/2022: Guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) measures for elite sport

National Insurance increase of 1.25% from 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023
England to return to Plan A following the success of the booster programme
England High energy tariffs for gas and electricity in the UK from April 1 2022
England High energy List of All electricity licensees including suppliers Feb 4 2022 OFGEM (pdf)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations and guidance: what they mean for you