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Security Now 646: The InSpectre ( download show notes )
It's Fake: Viral message warning of robbers dressed as officials to check ID for GE14
Council Tax Barking & Dagenham 2017-18 – Your questions answered
[Guide] How to Protect Your Devices Against Meltdown and Spectre Attacks
Online Safety at Christmas: 2017 Template Letter and Useful Links for Parents
CVE-2017-11937 Microsoft Malware Protection Engine Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Backup script for Raspberry Pi: an image backup of the Pi SD card using dd
54 high-end HP printers found to be remotely exploitable

Welcome to RasPBX – Asterisk for Raspberry PI: a complete install of Asterisk and FreePBX
How to Clone Your Raspberry Pi SD Card for Super Easy Reinstallations
Fraud types A-E: All fraud information on these pages comes from advice given by Action Fraud

Without your consent most major web platforms leak whether you are logged in
Got unwanted calls? Lookup the number and read comments of other users.

Scammers are calling customers claiming to be from BT, TalkTalk or Microsoft
Who calls me from numbers beginning 0191
Drivers face increased charges for collecting passengers at airports

Flash Player - Off-line Installer 10/01/2018: Right button click Save As

Windows - Flash Player for Internet Explorer - ActiveX

Windows - Flash Player for Firefox and Netscape - NPAPI

Windows - Flash Player for Opera and Chromium – PPAPI

Windows - Flash Player UN-Installer

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Ein-Tek UK Solutions File Server, Support for old Software & Drivers.

Ein-Tek File Server

Security Now 646: The InSpectre ( download show notes )

This week we discuss more trouble with Intel's AMT, what does Skype's use of Signal really mean, the UK's data protection legislation gives researchers a bit of relief, the continuing winding down of HTTP, "progress" on the development of Meltdown attacks, Google successfully tackles the hardest-to-fix Spectre concern with a Return Trampoline, some closing the loop feedback with our terrific listeners, and the evolving landscape of Meltdown and Spectre, including Steve's just completed "InSpectre" test & explanation utility.

Next-door: A social and private network for citizens of Thames View Estate, Barking, Essex, UK
help, classified,ect. Please use invited code QDJBHQ

Get connected with your own neighborhood through your Android with the Nextdoor app

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Terms of service Did'nt Read

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No one does a better job of explaining technology, computers, and the Internet than Leo Laporte.
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