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03/12/2021: Win 11 Build 22509.1000 rolls out to the Insider Preview Developer Channel
02/12/2021: Windows 11’s Edge is trying to dissuade users from downloading Chrome
02/12/2021: Windows 11 Build 22509 released with new Start Menu features
30/11/2021: Unpatched Unauthorized File Read Vulnerability Affects Microsoft Windows OS
29/11/2021: How to manage and display all system tray icons in Windows 11
29/11/2021: Performance of Windows 11 is a focus for Microsoft in 2022
29/11/2021: How to enable the Group Policy Editor on Windows 11 Home
27/11/2021: CVE-2021-34991:NETGEAR pre-authentication buffer overflow security vulnerability
27/11/2021: How to turn off "Search the Web" results in Windows 11
27/11/2021: Microsoft Defender is amongst the best antiviruses for Windows 10, Windows 11
26/11/2021: KB5007253 update to fix MSI issues and yet more printer problems in Windows
26/11/2021: Hackers Exploiting New Windows Installer Zero-Day Exploit in the Wild
25/11/2021: How to download any Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft
25/11/2021: Microsoft Edge faces backlash over new shopping feature/bloatware
25/11/2021: Zero-day vulnerability could give an attacker admin access in Win 11 and older
24/11/2021: How to enable file delete confirmations on Windows 11
24/11/2021: Windows 11 KB5007262 released - here’s what’s new and improved
23/11/2021: Windows Update KB5007262 Preview for Windows 11 brings a ton of fixes
23/11/2021: Windows 10 KB5007253 (21H2, 21H1) released with these fixes
22/11/2021: Microsoft rushes out fix for Windows 11 bug crashing random apps
21/11/2021: Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22504 released to the Developer Channel
21/11/2021: Microsoft releases KB5007262 to fix installer-related app issues in Windows 11
21/11/2021: Want to know how to speed up Windows 11? Just wait...
20/11/2021: Windows 10 will receive major feature updates once a year
20/11/2021: Microsoft releases KB5007253 update to fix problems in Windows 10
20/11/2021: Microsoft is accelerating Windows 11 rollout due to positive feedback
19/11/2021: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021: here are the major changes
19/11/2021: Win 10 November 2021 Update (21H2) : new pro features and a security boost
19/11/2021: New Media Player for Windows 11 released for Insiders on the Dev Channel
19/11/2021: Microsoft confirms Windows 11 new issues: BSOD and app crashes
18/11/2021: U.S., U.K. & Australia Warn of Iranian Hackers Exploiting Microsoft, Fortinet Flaws
18/11/2021: Microsoft Warns about 6 Iranian Hacking Groups Turning to Ransomware
18/11/2021: Windows 11 Build 22504 released with new personalization features
18/11/2021: Intel audio drivers are causing blue screens and errors in Windows 11
17/11/2021: The Windows 10 November 2021 Update is now available (Windows 10 version 21H2)
17/11/2021: Microsoft is only going to release feature updates for Windows 10 once a year
17/11/2021: Microsoft is accelerating the rollout of Windows 11
15/11/2021: What’s new in Windows 10 November 2021 Update, arriving soon
13/11/2021: Windows 11 is getting more bug fixes to improve OS reliability
13/11/2021: Microsoft fixes loads of Windows 11 problems with Build 22000.346
12/11/2021: Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22499 released to the Developer Channel
12/11/2021: Microsoft blocks other browsers from opening Edge links
11/11/2021: Windows 11 Build 22499 is now available with a new feature
11/11/2021: Microsoft releases KB5007215 update to fix Windows 11 problems and boost security
11/11/2021: Microsoft releases Windows 11 Build 22499 with new taskbar sharing feature
10/11/2021: November patches here we come
10/11/2021: Microsoft Issues Patches for Actively Exploited Excel, Exchange Server 0-Day Bugs
10/11/2021: Microsoft Windows Security Updates November 2021 overview
10/11/2021: Windows 11 KB5007215 comes with a speed boost, Explorer fixes
10/11/2021: Microsoft won't extend Windows 7 Extended Security Updates....
10/11/2021: Windows 10 KB5007186 released with major bug fixes
09/11/2021: How to change network adapter priorities on Windows 11
08/11/2021: Microsoft releases KB5008295 update to all Win 11 users as an out-of-band patch
08/11/2021: How to block Windows 11 if you want to stick with Windows 10
07/11/2021: Microsoft is working on improvements for Windows 11 taskbar
07/11/2021: Windows 11 has a weird bug that 'overcharges' laptop batteries
06/11/2021: Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 fixes some Taskbar, Explorer bugs...

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Barking and Dagenham Resident permit charges List
Essential guidance on parking signs
RingGo Apps Parking permit app (Android Ipad Iphone Windows Phone)
Barking and Dagenham: Resident permit charges 01/July/2019
Barking and Dagenham: Resident permit (CPZ) : FAQ's - PDF Download
Barking and Dagenham: Resident permit (CPZ) : Policy - PDF Download

Visitor's parking permits and vouchers prices: 4 hours = £0.75 1 day = £1.38
Activate a visitor parking permit by calling the automated permit activation line 020 3046 0005

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