Pig Latin Phrases

Hello : Ellohay

Please : Leasepay

What time is it? : Hatway imetay ishay ithay?

How is the weather? : Owhay ishay hetay eatherway?

How are you? : Owhay arehay ouyay?

What is your name? : Hatway ishay ouryay amenay?

Thank you : Hanktay ouyay

You are welcome : Ouyay arehay elcomeway

Good night : Oodgay ightnay

Who is that?: Howay ishay hattay?

Where are you going? : Hereway arehay ouyay oinggay?

I don’t want to : Ihay on’tday antway otay

Do you understand? : Oday ouyay underway tandsay?

Where do you come from? : Hereway oday ouyay omecay romfay?

Whisper it to me : Hisperway ithay otay emay

Can you speak Pig Latin? : Ancay ouyay peaksay igpay atinlay?

What are you talking about? : Hatway arehay ouyay alkingtay aboutway?

What is the password? : Hatway ishay hetay asspay ordway?

What is the answer for...? : Hatway ishay hetay answerway orfay...?

Why are you doing that? : Hyway arehay ouyay oingday hattay?

I’m in trouble : I’mhay inhay roubletay

Hide the gift now : Idehay hetay iftgay ownay

Wait until she leaves : Aitway untilway hesay eaveslay

Bring it tomorrow : Ringbay ithay omorrowtay

Follow me : Ollowfay emay

Don’t leave : On’tday eavelay

Go now : Ogay ownay

I don’t like this : Iay on’tday ikelay histay

Why is he here? : Hyway ishay ehay erehay?

What is her name? : Hatway ishay erhay amenay?

Do you have the homework? : Oday ouyay avehay hetay omehay orkway?

He is so cute : Ehay ishay osay utecay

Call me : Allcay emay

Here is my number : Erehay ishay ymay umbernay

Don’t tell them : On’tday elltay hemtay

This is a secret : Histay ishay ayay ecretsay

Please remind me : Leasepay emindray emay

No way : Onay ayway

Sample Pig Latin Conversation

Speaker 1: Are-hay ou-yay ee-fray or-fay unch-lay ext-nay eek-way? (Are you free for lunch next week?)

Speaker 2: Ure-say! (Sure!)

Speaker 1: Ich-whay ay-day o-day ou-yay ant-way o-tay o-gay? (Which day do you want to go?)

Speaker 2: I-hay an-cay ind-fay ome-say ime-tay on-hay onday-may. (I can find some time on Monday.)

Speaker 1: At-thay ounds-say eat-gray! (That sounds great!)

Speaker 2: Ere-whay ould-way ou-yay ike-lay o-tay o-gay? (Where would you like to go?)

Speaker 1: Ou-yay an-cay ecide-day. I-hay icked-pay ast-lay ime-tay. (You can decide. I picked last time.)

Speaker 2: Ow-hay about-hay at-thay ew-nay izza-pay ace-play on-hay ain-may eet-stray? (How about that new pizza place on Main Street?)

Speaker 1: Erfect-pay! I-hay eard-hay it's-hay eally-ray ood-gay. (Perfect! I heard it's really good.)

Speaker 2: And-hay e-way an-cay eat-hay outside-hay. (And we can eat outside.)

Speaker 1: At-whay ime-tay ould-shay e-way eet-may? (What time should we meet?)

Speaker 2: Oes-day oon-nay ork-way or-fay ou-yay? (Does noon work for you?)

Speaker 1: Es-yay! I'll-hay ee-say ou-yay en-thay. (Yes! I'll see you then.)

Speaker 2: I'm-hay ooking-lay orward-fay o-tay it-hay. (I'm looking forward to it.)

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