06/09/2017: Net Neutrality in the UK
06/09/2017: List of emergency telephone numbers - Worldwide.
06/09/2017: Overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 25 May 2018.
06/09/2017: Firefox 55 released this August 8th : A list of changes that went into this version
06/09/2017: What is voice phishing (also called vishing or telephone fraud)?
06/09/2017: What email spammers know about you by TALKTALK
: A guide to food additives - E-Numbers What they are and what they do
: Added Food Ingredient Numbers (E-numbers)
28/08/2017: Added new weather widget with U/V Index
28/08/2017: Removed U/V Index widget as the website is down
10/08/2017: Added lots of dictionaries to download in Documents section
08/08/2017: Added Street Watch UK link.
02/08/2017: Phonetics codes added, scroll down on the Home page.
29/07/2017: Laundry and Washing symbols added, scroll down on the Home page
26/07/2017: Cooking temperature conversions added
19/07/2017: Stock Market, Indices widgets and news added
17/07/2017: Previews of other connected websites added
13/07/2017: Moon Phase widget added
13/07/2017: Sunrise and Sundown widget added

12/07/2017: Transport for London News & Underground station search ( Opens in a new window )
11/07/2017: New Weather Widgets added, U/V Index, Air Qualify
10/07/2017: Pollen weather indicator added
01/06/2017: UN Official enSilo Patch for ESTEEMAUDIT Exploit
30/05/2017: Archive File Server now online
: Ein-Tek UK Solutions File Server: Support for old Software & Drivers.
20/05/2017: Microsoft have today (13 May) released a patch for XP SP3 to address the vulnerability exploited by WanaCrpyt0r
08/05/2017: Contact details have been updated
04/05/2017: Requests & Programs pages have being update with preview graphics
28/04/2017: 3.5" MICRO FLOPPY DISK DRIVES Jumper settings
27/04/2017: Document section updated with specs on PC peripherals
23/04/2017: A list of various type of RAM Memory added
21/04/2017: 5.25 FLOPPY DISK DRIVES-Jumpers

20/04/2017: User Requests page updated
16/04/2017: Menus updated and broken links repaired
07/04/2017: Microsoft Finally Reveals What Data Windows 10 Collects From Your PC
02/04/2017: Satirical Gallery pages added: 765 images and counting
01/04/2017: On This Day page added: events that happened in the past
01/04/2017: Funny Picture Added
01/04/2017: Assorted Quotes, Assorted Proverbs & Snippets added
31/03/2017: Started a section for Email tips
28/03/2017: Menu's on the left are changing, news items will be added later
25/03/2017: A list of Texting codes on Chat and Mobile Phones. ( Test Page )

25/03/2017: A list of Emoticons codes and their meanings ( Test Page )
24/03/2017: A list of Smiley codes and their meanings ( Test Page )
16/03/2017: Parliamentary constituencies - UK Parliament ( A-Z ) ( Test Page )
16/03/2017: Tyranny Watch UK RSS News Feed ( Test Page )
15/03/2017: Local Weather around Barking, Essex, London ( Test Page )
14/03/2017: Items selected from the home page switch to a two coulomb layout
Widgets, Links, Advertising and Other Info will only appear on the Home page
11/03/2017: Sections on the left are being updated

11/03/2017: Trending News links to a two coulomb look
10/03/2017: Nutrition widget added ( now removed )
17/02/2017: Website update is in progress with a new look

12/02/2017: Essex & London Weather section added
10/02/2017: Numerous Unit Converter widget added
02/02/2017: Stock Exchange & Trading Data added
26/01/2017: A simple Calculator added
25/01/2017: Currency converter added for European visitors

10/01/2017: Some Widgets removed to speed up webpage loading time
05/01/2017: Flood Warnings for England UK, Scroll down
15/12/2016: Flash Player for Windows Off-line Installer, Scroll down

16/11/2016: About Us page has some new links and information
01/11/2016: Sections on the front page have moved to relevant section
03/09/2016: Some News feeds are faulty, we are working on this problem
19/09/2016: Infowars RSS News Feed working thanks to