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Windows 7 Tips Patches and Updates info

10/07/2019: Microsoft surreptitiously adds telemetry functionality to July 2019 Win7 - KB4507456

10/07/2019: Microsoft Windows Security Updates July 2019 overview

10/07/2019: Microsoft Releases July 2019 Security Updates, 2 Flaws Under Active Attack

09/07/2019: Microsoft to shut down Windows 7 Games Servers on 22/Jan/2020

09/07/2019: Patch Tuesday arriving, make sure you temporarily block Windows Update

09/07/2019: Manage Windows Updates with ABC-Update

04/07/2019: It's time to install the June Windows and Office patches

01/07/2019: Microsoft Patch Alert: The Windows patching heavens buzz with silver bullets

01/07/2019: Windows 7: Preparing for an uncertain future

27/06/2019: Microsoft's latest Edge browser for Win7: Beta Version

24/06/2019: Microsoft ends Visual C++ Redistributable Chaos

22/06/2019: This Cryptomining Malware Launches Linux VMs On Windows and macOS

21/06/2019: Microsoft releases out-of-band fixes for Win7 and Win8.1 on 6/20

21/06/2019: KB4503277 and KB4503283 for Windows 7 and 8.1 released

20/06/2019: EQL iSCSI login failures after MS patches KB4497934 -KB4499177 -KB4503267

12/06/2019: CVE-2019-0708-Remote Desktop Services RCE Vulnerability Win 7 / Server 2018

12/06/2019: Microsoft Windows Security Updates June 2019 overview

12/06/2019: Microsoft Releases June 2019 Security Updates to Patch 88 Vulnerabilities

11/06/2019: AKB 2000004: How to apply the Win7 and 8.1 Monthly Rollups

11/06/2019: If you’re running Windows XP, 7 or associated Servers, patch them

11/06/2019: Save yourself a headache: Make sure Windows automatic update is off

08/06/2019: New Brute-Force Botnet Targeting Over 1.5 Million RDP Servers Worldwide

08/06/2019: Hacker Discloses Second Zero-Day to Bypass Patch for Windows EoP Flaw

05/06/2019: A Reminder to Update Your Systems to Prevent a Worm

04/06/2019: It’s time to install the May Windows and Office patches

01/06/2019: Microsoft Fixes Critical Remote Desktop Flaw, Blocks Worm Malware

01/06/2019: Microsoft Warns Users Again to Patch Wormable BlueKeep Flaw

31/05/2019: Microsoft Patch Alert: Patching whack-a-mole continues

30/05/2019: Cumulative update for Internet Explorer: May 18, 2019 Win7 x64 (KB4505050)

30/05/2019: The “wormable” Win XP/Win7 RDP security hole, BlueKeep, still not cracked

29/05/2019: Nearly 1 Million Computers Still Vulnerable to "Wormable" BlueKeep RDP Flaw

21/05/2019: Freely available proof of concept exploit for the “wormable” WinXP/Win7 bug

19/05/2019: McAfee and Sophos are having problems with the Win7/Server 2008 R2

19/05/2019: Microsoft released fixes for IE “” HSTS bug on a Saturday but only for Win7 and 8.1

15/05/2019: MS-DEFCON 3: Get Windows XP, Win7 and associated Servers patched

15/05/2019: Microsoft Releases Patches For A Critical 'Wormable Flaw' and 78 Other Issues

15/05/2019: May 2019 Patch Tuesday arrives

15/05/2019: May is here and so are the scheduled security patches from Microsoft and Adobe

14/05/2019: Patches are coming tomorrow. Make sure Windows Update gets locked down

13/05/2019: More problems installing the April Monthly Rollups if you have Avira antivirus

10/05/2019: Microsoft Word is getting politically correct

07/05/2019: Microsoft discloses security breach that impacted some Outlook accounts

04/05/2019: Now’s the time to install the April Windows and Office patches

03/05/2019: Alert: April patches have sharp edges, with several missing, others reappearing

03/05/2019: The new “Download and install now” link appears in Win10 version 1903

02/05/2019: Dell laptops and computers vulnerable to remote hijacks

02/05/2019: Avira fixed the slowdown problem associated with the April Win7/8.1 patches

29/04/2019: IE 11 Security update KB3185319 offered again in 2019 (Windows 7)

29/04/2019: Report from the field about ongoing Win7-Avira problems

26/04/2019: Win 10 updates KB4493437, KB4493440, KB4493436 & KB4493473 arrive a week late

26/04/2019: Oh look, another broken Windows update! KB4493472 and KB4493446 causing issues

26/04/2019: There they are… Second April patches are out and they look lame

25/04/2019: Where are the April Windows patches?

23/04/2019: Unexpected protection added to Microsoft Edge subverts IE security

22/04/2019: Internet Explorer security flaw allows hackers to steal files

18/04/2019: Researcher Hijacks a Microsoft Service Using Loophole in Azure Cloud Platform

17/04/2019: Microsoft's April patches seem to be slowing down Windows

17/04/2019: Win7/8.1/Server patch conflicts abated, somewhat, CAUTION PATCHING!

14/04/2019: Hackers Compromise Microsoft Support Agent to Access Outlook Email Accounts

12/04/2019: This month’s Windows patching debacle gradually comes into focus

12/04/2019: This month’s Win7 & Win10 version 1809 patches slow down PCs running AV products

12/04/2019: This month’s Win7 and Win10 version 1809 patches slow down PCs running their AV products

11/04/2019: Michael Horowitz re-discovers the refreshgwxconfig-B “Get Windows 10” scheduled task

11/04/2019: Microsoft Windows Security Updates April 2019 overview

10/04/2019: Reports of freezing with this month’s Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4493472, KB 4493446

10/04/2019: KB4493132 Update Notifies Windows 7 Users of End of Support Date

10/04/2019: How to Avoid Windows 7’s End-of-Support Nags

10/04/2019: Microsoft Releases April 2019 Security Updates-Two Flaws Under Active Attack

10/04/2019: Microsoft Windows Security Updates April 2019 overview

03/04/2019: Microsoft Patch Alert: Most March patches look good

02/04/2019: KB4493132 Update Notifies Windows 7 Users of End of Support Date

02/04/2019: Windows 7 Gets an Extra Life With Windows Virtual Desktop

28/03/2019: Should you use Windows 7 in 2019?

23/03/2019: If you want to receive future security patches on your Windows 7, install KB4474419

23/03/2019: Dell’s Encryption Console gets clobbered by this month’s Patch Tuesday

21/03/2019: Microsoft issues KB4493132 Windows 7 SP1 support notification

19/03/2019: Windows Defender Security definition problems: March updates 2019 ?

19/03/2019: Update Windows Defender manually in Windows 10/8/7

18/03/2019: Microsoft to start nagging users in April about the Jan 2020 Win 7 end-of-support

16/03/2019: Proof-of-concept code published for Windows 7 zero-day

13/03/2019: March 2019 Patch Tuesday patches

11/03/2019: Windows malware: Slub taps Slack, GitHub to steal your info

25/02/2019: NET updates for February 2019 and these updates come with some problems

22/02/2019: New cumulative update KB 4491113 for IE in Win7 and 8.1 fixes the backslash bug

21/02/2019: Microsoft pushes odd third-Tuesday cumulative updates for Win10 1803, 1709, 1703 and 1607 – but not for 1809

20/02/2019: More problems with Windows patches breaking older Access databases

17/02/2019: Heads up: A ‘critical’ Win7/Server 2008 patch coming in Feb/Mar that’s really critical

15/02/2019: 2019 SHA-2 Code Signing Support requirement for Windows and WSUS

13/02/2019: Microsoft Patch Tuesday — February 2019 Update Fixes 77 Flaws

18/01/2019: Microsoft updates causing problems connecting to network shares on Windows 7: FIX

16/01/2019: Microsoft to end support for Windows 7 in 1-year from today

15/01/2019: Brinkmann, Horowitz: Are remnants of the despised “GWX” Get Windows 10 campaign still on your Win7 computer?

15/01/2019: Unpatched vCard Flaw Could Let Hackers Compromise Your Windows PCs

12/02/2019: I blew it again: Win7 PCs attached to corporate networks were suddenly.....

Patch Lady – vendors start to shut the doors on Windows 7

Reported crash with the new out-of-band IE fix on Win7, KB 4483187

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows: Applies to: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

Change or reset Internet Explorer settings

Windows 7 SP1 MUI Language Packs (Official Direct Download Links)

Download Windows 7 Disc Images (ISO Files LEGALLY)

2014: Repair Missing Windows Services After Malware Infection - ServicesRepair.exe